Google and Microsoft provide the searching with the traditional method. We can access these services through Smartphone by using mapping based services. These services have not worked inside the shopping mall. Ti means such services can’t find your shop location inside the building. The Moscow mall is worldwide market and a large shopping center in the Russia which enable customer to find spot inside the structure. Along with this, they provide the promotional offers to the customer as they walk by.

WiseSec is an Israeli company who develops this technology, which is based on the indoor location technology not on the Global Positioning System (GPS). The company provides the sort of GPS solution for the indoor. These are the proprietary solution based on the beacon protocol of Bluetooth. It can be install communication for throughout the center. Customer needs to an install application on the Smartphone and sign in with the credential. As the customer sign in with the app, it will provide the network for particular building which allows customer for transmission coupon and messages.

Features of Navigating System of Indoor Location software include:
• Preset check-in – sending a promotional message to customers near the store.
• Sign in- include an automatic WiFi cellular network to the retailer WiFi node.
• Precise offers- coupons, special offers and product information.
• In-store navigation- which gives desired product settings
• “Self Help”- this is pre-defined option, which allowing users to call staff from their existing place, whenever help is needed.
• Virtual Physical cart –It will transfer virtually purchased goods into a physical
• “NFC without NFC” –It is for payment experience
• Automated check-out – It will take out of the application with Goodbye message.